The Evening Swallow

Pick up the pieces shattered like glass
You can’t move on living in the past
Realize it was never meant to last
It happens to us all so they say
The time has come to re-find your way

Just outside, an enchanting song
Familiarity yields an overdue smile
A melody soft and sweet
Haven’t heard its simple grace in such long while

Vulnerability is a must
Allowing a heart again to trust
Finding salvation with love is a must
She is the one, inside your heart you know it
She’ll fly away if you don’t show it

The swallow sings its evening song
A fluttering warble of delicate beauty
As fragile as love itself
Yet ringing through the darkness, setting my heart free

Moving forward by taking a chance
The past is not worth the slightest glance
Though the swallow knows not love or romance
Its song sings of how I should open my heart
Give her my love, ’til death do us part

Copyright © 2016 Mr. Flying Pig


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