The Architect

It goes beyond just faith
Well past a simple belief
Best described as a perfect confidence
An assuredness of knowing
That always brings relief
Both long term and in the brief

There’s been too many times
I should have not made it through
Or failed miserably at my endeavor
Protected by a guiding light
Shepherding all I do
Shining over me and you

I should have died
But I survived
I should have failed
But I prevailed
I’m far from perfect
So I don’t know why
The Architect stays by my side

Through times both good and bad
Whether I’m down or elated
The answers are circumscribed around me
I just need to look and listen
To the signs dictated
And take the path created

One day I’ll die
But I’ll still survive
My body will fail
My soul will prevail
Then all will be perfect
And I will know why
The Architect stayed by my side

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig


Five Step Process

—– The Ending

Too little too late
Or too much too soon
Too early to tell
It comes down to fate

—– Analyze

You can’t change the past
Live in the moment
Look to the future
Let the moment pass

—– Adjustment

Be all you can be
Don’t expect too much
It is what it is
What else could it be?

—– Transition

Live to the fullest
Hold your head up high
Don’t seek perfection
Everything’s a mess

—– Beginning

It’s not what it seems
Turn and walk away
You’ll find what you need
Time to chase your dreams

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig