A Better Place

A field of grass, grown so tall, one can barely see above
Textures of brown and green gently swaying in the afternoon breeze
As far as the eye can focus, a vast sea opening unto the horizon
Drifting aimlessly in the ebb and flow of another summer
Cutting through, a pale gray line with a faded yellow center stripe
Directing the infrequent traffic either this way or that
Posts driven into the ground so long ago, most no longer remain vertical
Rusty barbed wire stretching from one to the next for mile after mile
A delapitated barn in the distance left for nature’s reclamation
No longer the fuctional centerpiece in this landscape from the past
Now only a temporary reminder of a time soon to be forgotten
Discarded into this wasteland of the heartland of distant memory
Where a few will profit but so many more will resign to remorse
Knowing they could do nothing to stop the great machine of progress
That promised to make this a better world for each of us, one and all


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