Too Many

Nowhere to go
Knowing where I don’t want to go
A night alone
Thoughts persisting to earlier get pushed away
A stupid argument
Another stupid argument
Too many stupid arguments

Sitting alone
Not wanting to be alone
Nowhere to go
I’ll find a place after the coffee house closes
Tired of arguing
So damn tired of arguing
Too many stupid arguments

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig


Silver Threads

Walking through a field of endless dreams
Distant remnants of a nearly forgotten time
When raindrops fell gently through the moonbeams
What was forever yours was forever mine
But that was so long ago
Staring off into the distance
Partially forgetting
Partially wanting to know
Why should you still care?

Silver Threads
Tying down what should be nothing
Cut it loose and set it free
Silver threads
Holding on to what once was something
What has been will never again be

Running from the fear of isolation
Closely guarding what you will never leave behind
While the morning dew glistens in the sun
What will never be yours will never be mine
It took almost no time at all
Sitting right in front of your eyes
Partially in search of
Partially knowing it all
Why do I still care?

Silver threads
Tying down what once was something
Cut it loose and let it flee
Silver threads
Letting go of what should be nothing
What once was will forever be

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig