Pretending to be real
How did you manage to get here?
Right where you wanted to be
Feeling like a place you don’t deserve
Putting up a wall of confidence
The insecurities in strong reserve

You’ve proven yourself time and time again
So why do you feel like an imposter
Hoping you won’t be figured out
And suddenly taken off the roster

Cover up what you feel
An actor inside your career
Only what you want them to see
Insecurities still in strong reserve
Accomplishments make no difference
It’s always a place you don’t deserve

How can they not see behind the curtain?
Turning a knob and pulling a lever
Making them think they know what you’re about
While pretending with each new endeavor

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig



Some questions are better left
—— Unanswered
Some roads are better left
—— Not traveled
Mysteries don’t always need to be
—— Unraveled
Falling down
—— Into the dark
Don’t turn around
—— To make a mark
Falling down
—— Get back up again
Don’t turn around
—— You’ll lose a friend
Falling down
—— Don’t need to know
Don’t turn around
—— Just let it go
Some questions are better left
—— In silence
Some doors are better left
—— Locked tight
What’s never known can keep everything
—— Alright


Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig

Butterfly Effect

There’s a reason for everything that happens
Though sometimes it’s hard to understand why
It doesn’t make a difference how hard you try
Unspilled milk
Can still turn sour
The past brings what it brings
With hurricanes from butterfly wings

To change things would have repercussions
The outcome becomes unpredictable
Sometimes reasons why are inexplicable
Greener grass
Can turn to weeds
And so the lady sings
Of Hurricanes and butterfly wings

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig

It Used To Be a Chair

In the corner
A pile of splintered wood
It used to be a chair
Just moments ago
A simple chair
But a good chair
Now a pile of splintered wood

It didn’t deserve this fate
It never saw it coming
My foot making the first break
My hands grabbing it
Picking it up
Slamming it to the ground
Again and again
Then my foot again
Relentlessly snapping its remaining pieces
Until nothing was left
Except a pile of splintered wood

I destroyed it
The way you destroyed my heart
But unlike the chair
My heart can be repaired
Because my heart is not made of wood

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig


Wanting more
Not wanting to lose what you have
Wanting more
Little whore

I hope it hurts like hell
To lose the best you’ll ever have
Do you even know how to feel love?
Such a sad, sad story you’ll tell

But what was the real deal?
Was I not a good enough fuck?
You thought you would try your luck
And now you lost what was real

Wanted more
Didn’t think you’d lose what you had
Wanted more
Little whore


Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig

Flesh and Blood

I was just what you wanted
But not what you wanted me to be
Not what you wanted the world to see

Wanting to be accepted
If by no one else at least by you
But that was too much for you to do

Flesh and blood

I was so different from you
Never once did you try to relate
Much easier to simply berate

All grown up I tried to change
And you accepted who I became
But that person and I weren’t the same

Flesh and blood

I didn’t like who I was
Nobody more important than me
Using others with no empathy

I feel bad for those I hurt
But I was trying to be like you
Who I am today would not approve

Flesh and blood

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig

Prophecy War

The prophet spoke one day and all the people did open their eyes
Entering onto a conciseness where their thoughts would soon crystalize
To ending the enduring oppression that had for so long darkened their lives
Soon the kings and queens feared the seer’s followers and began to realize
This could mark the final chapter of their lifelong reign of greed and lies

And the prophet spoke…

To see forever you must close your eyes to all you think you know is real
The answers you seek can only be found by transcending to what you can feel
Keep love in your hearts as the ruling force and make peace your guiding keel
Follow now the path I propose or a dire fate for your race you shall seal
For those who fear me will soon strike me down and my lessons you must all congeal

And the people listened…

Bloodlust was the rule of the day as death and pain ruled the night
In a desperate grab to keep control the oppressors slaughtered all in sight
The people stood their ground but used no force against the oppressive might
As he predicted the prophet was captured and killed before all at first light
But refuge was taken in the prophet’s promise that soon all would be set right

And it came to be…

Slaughtering the people en masse continued throughout both night and day
But with faith, hope and love the people believed the words the prophet did say
Kingdoms fell in ruin and the monarchs turned on each other in cold fray
Then from the ashes of near genocide the people found their their way
Reclaiming their land and remembering the prophet’s words so peace could forever stay

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig