Sometimes I

Sometimes I feel guilty
                            When I want to be alone
Sometimes I feel lonely
                            When standing in a crowd
Sometimes I feel crowded in
                            When left all by myself
Sometimes I feel selfish
                            For not wanting to give
Sometimes I don’t give a shit
                            How I’ll be received
Sometimes I want a reception
                            Not caring where it leads
Sometimes I follow the leader
                            Not knowing where they’ll go
Sometimes I go it alone
                            When I need a helping hand
Sometimes I hand it down
                            In order to pick myself up
Sometimes I pick up the pieces
                            After being let down
Sometimes I spiral downward
                            In order for my spirits to rise
Sometimes I raise the bar
                            For limits to be realized
Sometimes I need a reality check
                            To put my feet on the ground
Sometimes I need grounded faith
                            In order to be wise
Sometimes I need wisdom
                            To swallow down my pride
Sometimes I feel proud
                            Even when I finish dead last
Sometimes I leave a lasting impression
                            Though I’m trying to be slight
Sometimes I slightly envision
                            What can’t be fully grasped
Sometimes I grasp for straws
                            When I should use reason
Sometimes I am unreasonable
                            When I won’t admit I’m wrong
Sometimes I wrongfully judge
                            When I share equal guilt
Sometimes I feel guilty
                            When I want to be alone


Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig


Hiding the Heavens

I didn’t want to be
What you wanted me to be
It seemed so overrated
Couldn’t do it anymore
Had to walk out the door
Pacified but still isolated

I don’t want to know
What I pretend to not know
It all becomes too complicated
Silence that fills the void
Words served to avoid
Situations best left evaded

Like lights that tell their lies in the night
There are no stars to sit beneath
It’s clear to know what’s wrong and right
Hiding the heavens underneath

I don’t want to hide
What it is I need to hide
When the clouds leave the moonlight faded
Listening to the rain
Keeps my heart restrained
In this dream I alone created

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig

Without a Trace

Something inside
Needing to be said
Finding silence
Lost in endless words
Now is not the time or place
Suddenly the moment’s gone
Without a trace

Indelible marks
Staining the future
Turning around
A glimpse of the past
Staring at a familiar face
In an instant she is gone
Without a trace

I’d like to stay but I need to run
Take a slingshot ride around the sun
Into deep space
Going to leave this place
Abandoning the cruelty of the human race

Fall off
Move on
Abandon the path through time I’ve been travelling on
Some might notice
But none will care
If suddenly I just wasn’t there

Hidden shadows
Lurking in the halls
Leave the light on
Pushing them away
Emptiness keeping its pace
Until all feeling is gone
Without a trace

Fading away
Jaded by what’s been
No one will know
You were ever here
Without any empty space
Why should they notice you gone?
Without a trace

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig


See only what is meant to be seen
Glossed over and perfect on the face
Perfect control of light and darkness
Revealing only a portion of what is real
Personification of living the dream
Agendas to display the perfect place
Snapshots of a life in the more or less
Harvesting envy of a life surreal

Take it with a small grain when you look
The moments captured always seem so fine
Never showing the full reality
They’re only snapshots in a picture book
Comparisons to which only serve to enshrine
Snapshots displaying what we desire to be

Unintentional deceit means no harm
Though its effect can lead to envy
Applying filters is meant to charm
With snapshots of sometime serenity

Though what is revealed may look sublime
Snapshots show only a brief moment in time

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig