Life is a journey of self-discovery and decisions. Who are we? Why are we here? What are we good at, and not so good at? Who will we fall in love with? Will we fall in love? What will we do to earn a living? What should we have for lunch? (Okay, some decisions are deeper than others). I have been on that journey for more than half a century now, and like most, I have experienced many aspects of it – a diverse combination of joy, sadness, exhilaration, serenity, anger, and boredom – and everything in between.

Sometime in my twenties, while going through a rough period, I decided to write down how I felt, as a means of coping. It turned into a poem. I didn’t intend to write a poem at the time, it was just what came out; and I found it very therapeutic. From that moment forward, I decided to make writing an avenue to express how I feel, as a form of stress relief therapy. Unfortunately, most of what I have written through the years has been lost, having originally been written on some scrap piece of paper that was later thrown in the trash. Other pieces were more fortunate, eventually making their way into a written journal and later, typed into a computer. Up until now, I have kept almost all of my writing private, allowing only my closest family to read any of it. However, having run across some of my old poems recently, I decided that it was time to share most of them, along with some of my more recent ponderings, and whatever makes it from inside my head down to my finger tips in the future.

Much of what I wrote early on was written during difficult periods of transition. More recently, I have been focusing on a wider variety of themes, sometimes while thinking about the past and other times focusing on the present or future. Like life itself, sometimes the words written are sad, somber, or angry; other times upbeat, jovial, or playful – most of the time, some varied combination of many different elements. It all depends on where the keys or pen take me at that moment.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. I hope you enjoy this collection of my thoughts, memories, and dreams.

Now I need to decide what I should have for lunch.


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