My Opinion About Michael Moore’s Comments regarding ‘American Sniper’

I was just chatting with my best friend who had asked me whether I felt the movie ‘American Sniper’ was worth seeing. During the conversation, we transitioned to a brief conversation regarding the recent comments made by Michael Moore regarding the movie. I’m sure you are familiar with what Mr. Moore said, so I will not bother to repeat it here (if you are not, please crawl out from under the rock you have been hiding under and Google it). That conversation having just ended, I am finding myself in a rather emotional state, needing to reiterate my opinion on Michael Moore’s comments to more than just one person.

So here goes.

Michael Moore is a stupid fucking asshole.

War sucks. It’s cold, brutal, inhumane, and unforgiving. I served four years of active duty in the U.S. Army and two more in the active reserve. During that time, I never had to go to fight in a war. I never had to kill anyone, nor did I have to see anybody die. I am glad I never had to go to war, although I would have, if called to do so. That was a decision I made when I enlisted. Yes, war sucks. But sometimes it is inevitable for the greater good.

I am sorry that Michael Moore’s grandfather died. I am sorry for Michael’s loss. But that is part of why war sucks – people die. Good people. Honorable people. War is not fair.  To call anyone who served with honor a coward is a slap in the face to all who have served, including Michael Moore’s grandfather. Needless to say, as a veteran, I took Mr. Moore’s comments as a very personal slap in my face. Being such, I feel the need to voice my opinion once more:

Michael Moore is a stupid fucking asshole.

He’s entitled to his opinion.

But he’s still a stupid fucking asshole.

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig


A Rose on the Sidewalk

Last to be picked
First to be picked on
It made me kinder
It made me stronger
It made me better
But it didn’t feel better back then
It made me draw myself under
It made me fail to believe
It made me feel nothing but naive

Sometimes I felt like withering away
Withering away like a rose on the sidewalk on a hot summer day

Once to be used
Twice to be used up
I could’ve let it slide
I could’ve let it ride
I could’ve let it fly
But the past isn’t easily forgotten
It made me bury it all under
It made me not want to believe
It made me feel nothing but deceived

Sometimes I felt like wilting away
Wilting away like a rose on the sidewalk on a hot summer day

Lost to be loved
Found to be loved by
You gave me trust anew
You gave me what is true
You gave me all of you
And my life was changed forever
You made me dig out from under
You made me not want to flee
You made me do nothing but believe

Somehow you saved me from wasting away
Wasting away like a rose on a sidewalk on a hot summer day

Copyright © 2014 Mr. Flying Pig

Keep It Simple

Keeping it simple
The way it used to be
Because sometimes life gets so complicated
Until we fail to see
The Simple things

Making it Simple
Simple is as simple does
If it all becomes way too overrated
See it for what it was
A simple thing

Wanting it simple
It used to be that way
Adding more and more until it’s convoluted
Make it all go away
Only Simple things

How did this all come to be?
Why can’t anybody see
How simple life could be
For you and me
If we had just kept it simple?

Keep it simple

Needing it simple
We never can return
Walking the thin line of becoming ill fated
If we fail to ever discern
The simple things

Copyright © 2014 Mr. Flying Pig

I’ll Look for You First

I saw this a few days ago. I liked it so much, I knew I had to reblog it.  Since I have nothing new of my own at the moment, here it is.


Living a Beautiful Life

Folded away
In his worn gig case
Poetic dismay
With lipstick trace

Guitar strings
Tangled romance
Perfume wisps
Infuse his amps

How could he know
Hers would be the dance
Ebbing the flow
Of his tide’s expanse

Next life, we’ll belong
I’ll find my chord
Within your song

In tune, keeping time
Upon your shore
Harmonies entwine

Chasing your sunburst
Through moonbeams
I’ll look for you first
First, remember me

(Note:  The idea behind this poem was originally inspired by “The One That Got Away,” as performed by Pink and Justin Derrico.  I had a snapshot for a story.  When I started writing, the story turned into a poem and the poem turned out to be something entirely different than I’d intended.  Maybe a glint from the original spark is still visible?)

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The Core

In the silence of solitude
Voices scream
I hear not
Behind the veil of fortitude
Some will scheme
I fear not

I will not surrender who I am
But compromise is not beyond reproach
What I believe is where I’ll always stand

In the realm of what is not
Plans construed
In your sight
On the cusp of all you’ve got
Beliefs subdued
For your plight

Never forget where you came from
Assimilation cannot strip the core
What you believe can threaten a kingdom

Before the peace of what will be
What’s avowed
Shields the sun
The fruit has fallen from the tree
Forever hence
On the run

Acceptance is the heart of all that matters
Ignorance will never believe its fate
We will rise above what darkness shatters

Copyright © 2014 Mr. Flying Pig