Another Year

The moon is falling from the sky
Slipping through a crack in the universe
Collapsing night and day into one
Dark matter swallowing a dying sun

It’s the ending of another year
Pulling away with a laugh and a tear

Silence explodes in a brilliant flash
Shifting the galaxies back into place
Darkness and light are torn apart
Gravitating toward a brand new start

It’s the beginning of another year
Pushing forward with both hope and fear

Copyright © 2014 Mr. Flying Pig


Don’t Go There

Looking in the dark for a rose in the heather
Waiting in the wings for a change in the weather
Don’t go there
Dodging bullets blazing over your head
Wrestle down the demons hiding under your bed
Don’t go there
It can’t be over a moment too soon
There never was any breathing room
Don’t go there

It always leads to nowhere
Don’t go there
They’ll all just stop and stare
Don’t go there
Life just isn’t fair
Don’t go there
Why should anyone care?
Don’t go there

Trying to read the sign at the end of the road
Watching the foundation waste away and corrode
Don’t go there
Rowing for the shore on the bank of the river
Waiting for a package the postman won’t deliver
Don’t go there
Emptiness fills a bottomless glass
Needs unfulfilled now left to pass
Don’t go there

It might just be a nightmare
Don’t go there
A caustic love affair
Don’t go there
Never allowed to share
Don’t go there
Safe in your electric chair
Don’t go there

Copyright © 2014 Mr. Flying Pig

My Angel

I have a special angel high up above
Who guides me with her undying love
Through every Hanukkah and Christmas season
Reminding me of its true purpose and reason

To love those around you above all else
Be kind and caring in spite of yourself
Show compassion to nature and all living things
A reminder of this is what my angel brings

Though I’m pained to know I’ll ne’er see her again
By touching my soul, her love she does send
To me and my family as the Holidays roll past
A love that I know through eternity will last

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas mom
I love and miss you


Copyright © 2014 Mr. Flying Pig

The Book

Close the cover of the book
That’s the end of chapter three
Or maybe it was chapter four
Does that even matter?
I don’t want to read this story

If I tried a little harder
Would it have been any different?
Would it have been better or worse?
Was it destined to be the same?
Was it nothing we could prevent?
Or circumvent?

Close the cover of the book
I don’t like this mystery
Satisfied with here and now
Not ancient history
I think I’ll read about instead
Of what’s ahead

Copyright © 2014 Mr. Flying Pig

Complicated Smile

There are exceptions to every rule in the book
Nothing is ever carved in stone
Even when you’re with the one you love
Sometimes you can still feel all alone
That’s normal, or so they say
But it doesn’t feel normal today
It will pass in time, just give it a while
Keep it hidden behind the complicated smile

Under lock and key in a tarnished silver box
Like a memento to help you recall
Where you’ve been, what you’ve done, who you are
It doesn’t make a difference at all
Secrets not shared, hidden from sight
Like a shadow hiding in the night
Moving down the road, mile after mile
Seeking refuge behind the complicated smile

If you can’t find a way to laugh after the storm
At least try to give a forced grin
Insanity is the way of the world
They play their games and they play to win
Be patient, don’t lose your stride
You have everything to hide
From an audience you keep beguiled
Don’t let them see through the complicated smile

Copyright © 2014 Mr. Flying Pig


Feeling like I’m uninspired
Feeling like I’m cold and tired
Feeling like I’m empty inside
Feeling like I want to hide
From what I don’t know
I can’t let it show
Feeling like I’ve something to prove
Feeling like I need to move
But I don’t know where
And I really don’t care
Feeling like I should try
Feeling like I don’t know why
Wanting to fall to my knees
And beg for some guidance please
Feeling like I was so blind
Feeling I’m falling behind
Not knowing what I should do
Feeling like leaving it up to you
Feeling like this can’t be real
Feeling like I need to feel
Like I need to feel
Feeling like I just need to feel

Feeling Like I should have known
Feeling like it was overblown
Feeling like it all gets so crazy
Feeling like the future is hazy
Feeling like I haven’t a clue
If it’s old or new
It’s all askew
Feeling like the inside’s out
And the outside’s in
Feeling like I just can’t win
Feeling like this is all a test
Feeling like I should give my best
Or maybe just give it a rest
Feeling like I need a spark
Find a way to see in the dark
Feeling a kind of metamorphosis
I don’t want any more of this
Feeling like giving a goodbye kiss
To the nothingness I’ll never miss
Feeling like I need to feel
Like I need to feel
Feeling like I just need to feel

Copyright © 2014 Mr. Flying Pig