A Certain Comfort

There’s a certain comfort that happens through the years
A certain comfort inside that chases away all the fears
It lifts the shadows that are so often cast
It keeps the good memories and puts the bad in the past
It brightens gray skies that can bring in the storms
On the coldest of days, from the inside it warms

There’s a certain comfort in holding your hand
And feeling your grasp in return
There’s a certain comfort going down this road with you
Knowing you’ll be there at every turn
A certain comfort that brings light to the darkness
Illuminating all so I can see
Making me know I should always strive harder
To be the best I can possibly be

There’s a certain comfort when I see you there
Knowing through good times and bad you’ll always care
A certain comfort that always lifts me above
The downtrodden times with the strength of your love
Forever in my heart, with everything I do
There’s a certain comfort I feel, just being with you


Copyright © 2016 Mr. Flying Pig



Enjoying the complexity
Inside the simplicity
Revealing the relativity
Of all we’ll ever see
All that will ever be

Pulling away from all that draws confusion
Forgetting the doorway that leads to disillusion
Escaping a perceived absolution
For a dream of restitution

Drifting forward from the past
Into the present
The future becomes overcast
Twisted and bent
A dream that can never last
Though it seems heaven sent

Lost in serendipity
Outside the veracity
Of all that’s impossible to see
Burn in the fire or flee
Nothing is ever free

Copyright © 2016 Mr. Flying Pig

The Forfeit

To places unknown
Wandering in the night
Through a forest overgrown
Tucked in out of sight

Not wanting to go
Cannot resist the call
To a world where all will show
Ready for the fall

Do I hear you calling
Or is it all in my mind?
Do I risk the temptation
Of what I might find?
If the future is written
On the wings of a dove
Is this what will happen
With the forfeit of love?

Down roads forged in fire
A world intoxicated
Answers will not retire
They’re merely sedated

The path most travelled
Is the road to what was lost
In memories unraveled
Not counting the cost

Can it be forgotten
Or is it now carved in stone?
These lessons of the hour
To which all is known
Soon I will fly away
On the wings of a dove
As all is forgotten
For the forfeit of love

Copyright © 2016 Mr. Flying Pig


Wanderings into manifestations of the subconscious
Trappings of a dream often noxious
In the still of a nighttime swell
Thoughts too obscure to compel
In a rambling memoir to which I suss
And the night wanes on and on and on
From the stolen dreams it rest its laurels upon
Not knowing what is false or true
But hanging onto the memory of you
A brief glimpse of what can so quickly be here and gone
Waning in my thoughts as the day draws to a close
Thinking of the fragrance of the summer’s latest rose
A passing thought of a lost destiny
The path of a denied serenity
And the long road along a footpath of woes
Though the outcome will always be forever clouded
And the future sealed  in a veil opaquely shrouded
Forever will a truth guide the way
Directing what the written words say
Through the collision of so many thoughts crowded

Copyright © 2016 Mr. Flying Pig

The Muddy River

When the butterflies flew
I ran in the other direction
Playing it safe
Always playing it safe

Now I stand on the banks of a muddy river
Searching for what I once held so dear
It’s no longer here
To not find it again is my biggest fear

I want to stick my head under
To see if it’s hiding there
But my eyes will not see
Through the muddy water

Sometimes I think of holding my head under
And keeping it there
Just keeping it there
Until brown water fills my lungs
Until I no longer can breathe in the air

When the butterflies flew
I ran in the other direction
Playing it safe
Forever playing it safe

Now I stand on the banks of a muddy river
Watching it calmly flow by
And wondering why

Copyright © 2016 Mr. Flying Pig