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Inner Sanctum

There’s a door to the sanctum where inspiration is bled from me
It used to be easy to find
Even when there wasn’t a sign
But now it lies buried in distant memories
Of days past that shall never be

There’s a longing in my heart where emotion once roamed free
It may never live there again
Except in deep desperation
And uncovered in the darkest of times
But the desirous will never see

There’s a chasm inside my soul where temptation used to be
It’s hidden by a dark gray line
Buried in the depths of time
With remnants of what has forever been lost
And what is for all eternity meant to be

Copyright © 2016 Mr. Flying Pig


The Darkness

You are the darkness
Where my mind goes
Though I want to stay
In the light
Thoughts drawn out clearly
To what should be
Forever a forgotten time
There is no escape
Try as I might

You are the temptation
Where my blood flows
My heart goes astray
Secrets hide
Translucent emotions
Felt but not seen
Wanting what once was ours
Buried forever
Concealed inside

She is the foundation
A fragile rose
Forever I will stay
And be true
But into the darkness
My thoughts will flow
To a world out of reach
Living my life
Dreaming of you

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig