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The Smile

It’s what I keep inside
The smile that peeks through to the outside
As the daydream invades
The past and future the present evades

Not who I really am
Hiding in the rulebook from a God and lamb
Not what I really feel
Taught to never beg and leaned to never steal

The ballad of lament
Security in an elastic balloon
The debt of unpaid rent
Foolish pride is what always gives up too soon

The smile from what is gone
Not knowing if I was pauper, king or pawn
The daydream in the night
Looking past the smile promoting fight from flight

The smile’s foolish lament
Behind a smokescreen of confidence and pride
The smile that was once mine
The smile that melts a heart frozen, lost in time

Copyright © 2017 Mr. Flying Pig

Fair Winds

If you had ever had sailed in the storms
You would have known how fair winds circumvent a Brother
If you’d ever looked at where the road bends
You would have realized where the story ends

The embers burned deep inside
I wanted to die
But there stood my pride
Waltzing away without dischord
I called you a whore
I meant so much more

If you ever looked over the valley
To a place where even the darkest shadows can’t hide
Placed between peace and calamity
Reserved for the likes of you and me

Smoldering in the still of night
With bloodlet stains
Tied down in chains
From memories desire still burns
From torrential churns
To n’ere ending yearns

I’m Sorry I Kissed You

I’m sorry that I kissed you
That night I closed my eyes to the world around me
The world that so often left me scared and confused
A world I wasn’t ready to abandon
Even if it meant the comfort of being with you
I’m sorry I kissed you
I’m sorry I let you have the slightest glimpse
A chance romance that was never meant to last
Where even regrets can shed no tears
Of the memories of being with you
I’m sorry that I kissed you

Copyright © 2016 Mr. Flying Pig


I am proud of my scars
They have made me who I am
A better person than I would have been
Without them
I am glad to have endured their agony
I am glad I felt their pain
So I could learn to never submit
Others to endure the same
They taught me to be kind
To empathize

Realizing the person across from me
May be hiding their own scars
Sometimes I can see them
Sometimes I can feel them
I don’t want to cause them any more
Because I know how it feels
All too well

I am proud of my scars
Even though I wish I didn’t have them
They have taught me so much
Though sometimes I hide them away
Inside what I try to personify
And present on the outside
Confidence and self-assurance
But that’s not really who I am

I am proud of my scars
Though sometimes hard to endure
They drive and motivate me
They make me dig in and try harder
They are who I have become
And who I will be

I am proud of my scars
And I thank everyone
Who gave them to me

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig

Sweet Sadness

Thinking fondly of what once was a gaping wound in my heart
Barely a scar remains now
Time heals all
The pain has all but disappeared, like tears washed away in the rain
Gone but never forgotten
Sorrow palled

Sweet sadness
Sometimes it feels good to remember the pain
Sometimes fond memories can’t be restrained
Sometimes in the end it’s all that remains
Sweet sadness

Sweet sadness
Sometimes it feels like a long lost friend

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig


Wanting more
Not wanting to lose what you have
Wanting more
Little whore

I hope it hurts like hell
To lose the best you’ll ever have
Do you even know how to feel love?
Such a sad, sad story you’ll tell

But what was the real deal?
Was I not a good enough fuck?
You thought you would try your luck
And now you lost what was real

Wanted more
Didn’t think you’d lose what you had
Wanted more
Little whore


Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig