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When You Still Cared

Deep in the chasms of my soul a memory burns as bright as a gaslight
A memory of what guides me through the still of the darkest night
Though you did me wrong
Wherever my heart may wander
I will think of what we once had and do what I know is right

In memory of what we once shared
Back when you still cared

You were beyond my expectations of what I deserved in my life
Then you cut out my heart with deception of a red-hot knife
Because you did me wrong
I know I need to do better
I will remember what we once had
It will forever guide my life

A memory of what we once shared
Back when you still cared


Temporary Fantasy

Sometimes I can’t help but thinking of the past
I try not to but it rears its head, time and time again

It’s lovely
It’s ugly
I’m regretful
I’m thankful

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder why life flies by so fast
Drifting out of sight like puddles absorbing the rain

I hesitate
I accelerate
It’s memorable
But I’m forgetful.

Sometimes my heart drifts away to scenes not meant to last
Floating on decisions from which I can never refrain.

Temporary fantasy?
Maybe a reality
Singing an age old song
Hope I don’t get it wrong

Copyright © 2017 Mr. Flying Pig

I thank thee

​I can’t say it’s been a perfect journey
Or that I’ve led the perfect life
But I can’t help but believe in perfect timing and divine intervention
Leading me to where I belong
With perfect family and perfect friends
And of course, the perfect wife
Making me forever gaze in wild wonder into the eyes of devotion
Helping me to sing my song
Knowing there’s a means to the ends

Thank you God for the life and opportunity you have bestowed me
I thank thee
I thank thee
I thank thee

Copyright © 2017 Mr. Flying Pig

Too Stupid

What are you thinking?
Don’t tell me what you’re thinking
Why should I care?
I’m too stupid to not care
Don’t think of it as a blank stare
I’m just not blinking
Because the nothing left inside
Is all I have to share

The past comes back to haunt
All alone
Memories tease and taunt
Needing to look so strong
All alone
Afraid of getting it wrong

I don’t want to be alone

What was I dreaming?
I want to stop the dreaming
Don’t think I don’t care
I’m too stupid not to care
Don’t want to be misunderstood
There can be no meaning
Because with everything to lose
There’s nothing left to share

Buned to ash and dust
All alone
Doing what I must
Not wanting them to stare
All alone
Wondering why I still care

I don’t want to die alone

Copyright © 2016 Mr. Flying Pig

Inner Sanctum

There’s a door to the sanctum where inspiration is bled from me
It used to be easy to find
Even when there wasn’t a sign
But now it lies buried in distant memories
Of days past that shall never be

There’s a longing in my heart where emotion once roamed free
It may never live there again
Except in deep desperation
And uncovered in the darkest of times
But the desirous will never see

There’s a chasm inside my soul where temptation used to be
It’s hidden by a dark gray line
Buried in the depths of time
With remnants of what has forever been lost
And what is for all eternity meant to be

Copyright © 2016 Mr. Flying Pig

From the River to the Sea

Sentiments bequeathed by emotion
An illusion of the heart
Unwanted distant devotion
Not knowing where to start
Fragrant and subtle as a sorcerer’s potion
Spinning and twisting reality apart

Let’s float down a river that has no name
Where laughter and teardrops bear no shame
Where lady luck learned to play her game
And the future is never the same

Encounters are subtle reminders
Dim reflections in the night
Driving with both eyes in blinders
Ignoring what’s in sight
Possess and retain is the rule of the finders
Others use morals to determine what’s right

Let’s set sail on the sea that has no name
Where conscience and conduct are the same
Where nobody has to take the blame
And the embers cannot become flame

Copyright © 2016 Mr. Flying Pig

Dangerous Times

We’re just children living in a bubble of time
Trying to keep our stride on a razor thin line
Without ever losing our minds

We have no history except the past we’ve made
We’ll see no future but from decisions we make
Or maybe the hand of fate

Strange times
Dangerous signs
Entertained and entangled
Enraged and unraveled
Perplexed and bedazzled
Enshrined and untrammeled
Intertwined and dismantled
Strange times
Dangerous minds

Will we never learn from the old errs of our ways?
Forgetting the hard lessons from previous days
Wandering lost in a haze

Choosing to ignore what’s right in front of our eyes
Pretending denial will somehow make us wise
Paving the road to demise

Copyright © 2016 Mr. Flying Pig