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Tomorrow (has no future)

This is gonna hurt like hell
It all felt so perfect and right
Truth or lies what does she tell?
A decision made in the night

When trust is gone
It will always feel wrong
Tonight time seems so long
Darkness will follow the dawn

Tomorrow has no
Tomorrow has no future
Tomorrow has no future for us today
I just want to fade away

It’s always gonna hurt like hell
Try to keep a distant demeanor
Looking in her eyes will tell
Pass by like you’d never seen her

You said goodbye
You’ll always ask why
The sun fell from the sky
Never show the tears you cry

Tomorrow has no
Tomorrow has no future
Tomorrow has no future for us today
I have nothing more to say


Too Stupid

What are you thinking?
Don’t tell me what you’re thinking
Why should I care?
I’m too stupid to not care
Don’t think of it as a blank stare
I’m just not blinking
Because the nothing left inside
Is all I have to share

The past comes back to haunt
All alone
Memories tease and taunt
Needing to look so strong
All alone
Afraid of getting it wrong

I don’t want to be alone

What was I dreaming?
I want to stop the dreaming
Don’t think I don’t care
I’m too stupid not to care
Don’t want to be misunderstood
There can be no meaning
Because with everything to lose
There’s nothing left to share

Buned to ash and dust
All alone
Doing what I must
Not wanting them to stare
All alone
Wondering why I still care

I don’t want to die alone

Copyright © 2016 Mr. Flying Pig


I am proud of my scars
They have made me who I am
A better person than I would have been
Without them
I am glad to have endured their agony
I am glad I felt their pain
So I could learn to never submit
Others to endure the same
They taught me to be kind
To empathize

Realizing the person across from me
May be hiding their own scars
Sometimes I can see them
Sometimes I can feel them
I don’t want to cause them any more
Because I know how it feels
All too well

I am proud of my scars
Even though I wish I didn’t have them
They have taught me so much
Though sometimes I hide them away
Inside what I try to personify
And present on the outside
Confidence and self-assurance
But that’s not really who I am

I am proud of my scars
Though sometimes hard to endure
They drive and motivate me
They make me dig in and try harder
They are who I have become
And who I will be

I am proud of my scars
And I thank everyone
Who gave them to me

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig

Sweet Sadness

Thinking fondly of what once was a gaping wound in my heart
Barely a scar remains now
Time heals all
The pain has all but disappeared, like tears washed away in the rain
Gone but never forgotten
Sorrow palled

Sweet sadness
Sometimes it feels good to remember the pain
Sometimes fond memories can’t be restrained
Sometimes in the end it’s all that remains
Sweet sadness

Sweet sadness
Sometimes it feels like a long lost friend

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig


Wanting more
Not wanting to lose what you have
Wanting more
Little whore

I hope it hurts like hell
To lose the best you’ll ever have
Do you even know how to feel love?
Such a sad, sad story you’ll tell

But what was the real deal?
Was I not a good enough fuck?
You thought you would try your luck
And now you lost what was real

Wanted more
Didn’t think you’d lose what you had
Wanted more
Little whore


Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig

Flesh and Blood

I was just what you wanted
But not what you wanted me to be
Not what you wanted the world to see

Wanting to be accepted
If by no one else at least by you
But that was too much for you to do

Flesh and blood

I was so different from you
Never once did you try to relate
Much easier to simply berate

All grown up I tried to change
And you accepted who I became
But that person and I weren’t the same

Flesh and blood

I didn’t like who I was
Nobody more important than me
Using others with no empathy

I feel bad for those I hurt
But I was trying to be like you
Who I am today would not approve

Flesh and blood

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig


You know it so well
The same old story to tell
Your own private hell
Where you can dwell

It was a bad fit right from the start
But we all need a hiding place
Where no one knows us
Because we still don’t know ourselves
So we run and hide thinking we’re so smart
Trying desperately to just keep pace
To our blind ambition and how we think we should be
But that isn’t who we see
When we look in the mirror

Discarding the prize
Sandstorm burning your eyes
Subconscious lies
On which you dwell

What you needed to do
It was too sudden and too new
You wonder if she knew
And if she dwells

You know it’s too late
Too late to say you’re sorry
It was always too late
Because it was never meant to be
It will always be too late
Always forever but never seen
Forever is never too late
To never say you’re sorry

You know it so well
The same old story to tell
It’s only your soul you sell
So you can dwell

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig