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So Long Ago Cast

I can forgive
It makes me a better man
I can learn to love again
I swear that I can
I can learn to forget you
Or at least I think I can

The wound ran deep
And maybe it had to
To make me realize
I could live without you
If you knew the tears I cried
What would your heart do

It’s too late for that
I know you don’t regret
The blade that cut through me
I will never forget
A scar that I’ll bear forever
Vulnerability never again let

Look into the future
Never let in from the past
Emotions that pass too slowly
Never meant to last
A heart forever burdened
By a stone so long ago cast

Copyright © 2017 Mr. Flying Pig


When My Time Comes

I hope I will have made a difference
I hope I will have made some change
I hope I will have made the world a better place
Than it would have been in my absence

I hope it needed me

I don’t ask for much in return
I don’t expect the world to care
I only hope that my friends will remember
That I would do my best to be there

When they needed me

When my time comes
Please remember me
Remember me kindly

Forget my misgivings
I did the best I could
Though at times I know I failed
To do what I knew I should

Please remember me
Remember me kindly
When my time comes

I know I’ll never be perfect
I know I have made some mistakes
I can only hope in the end I’m forgiven
For all the times I chose to forsake

When you needed me

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig

The Core

In the silence of solitude
Voices scream
I hear not
Behind the veil of fortitude
Some will scheme
I fear not

I will not surrender who I am
But compromise is not beyond reproach
What I believe is where I’ll always stand

In the realm of what is not
Plans construed
In your sight
On the cusp of all you’ve got
Beliefs subdued
For your plight

Never forget where you came from
Assimilation cannot strip the core
What you believe can threaten a kingdom

Before the peace of what will be
What’s avowed
Shields the sun
The fruit has fallen from the tree
Forever hence
On the run

Acceptance is the heart of all that matters
Ignorance will never believe its fate
We will rise above what darkness shatters

Copyright © 2014 Mr. Flying Pig

The River

Looking down from the bridge at the river below
Remembering a lifetime and so many years ago
When the river was raging
Cutting deep into the rocky shoreline
Marking its time
Gouging an indelible mark
In the hardened stone clad walls

The water meanders through the gentle twists now
Washing away the sediment finding its way somehow
The current seems so calming
As water grinds stone to make sand in time
Coarse becomes fine
Softening the edges of the bank
Of the river down below

We must follow currents that allows us to forgive
For the rocky shore never allows us to really live
Small stones must be buried
By the sand that’s created as we grow
Water must flow
Never allowing the bed to dry
In the river to our soul

Copyright © 2014 Mr. Flying Pig