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Beauty and Sin

Deep inside I’m closing the door
Never to be opened again in the daylight
What was the meaning?
What was it all for?
Forever remembering trading day for night

You stole my heart and soul
Leaving me in a eternal see saw fantasy
Between trust and betrayal
Was it always all wrong?
Ice cold empty promises that you gave to me

I want to hate you
You don’t know how much I’ve tried
I need to still love you
You don’t know how much I’ve lied

Distantly holding open the door
Darkness hiding the illumination from within
Obscuring the the gouge you cut
Deep into my heart
Cradled by what lies between beauty and sin

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Questions 4 and 6

Were you ready to leave or did I throw us away?
If I’d asked you about it would I have believed you anyway?
Questions I ponder every day

Does that little diamond still sparkle in your eyes?
If I asked you today, would you tell the truth or feed me lies?
Questions I try to analyze.

Do you know what you meant to me?
Do you realize what you helped me see?
Is what you meant to me ever what I meant to you?
Did I throw away a heart that was true?

Did you know I gave up all of my soul and my heart?
Did you know it’s what I felt inside right from the very start?
Questions that tear my soul apart.

With The Book Of Rules

August turns to September’s matrimony
An ending that was made too soon
Walk across the floor to the center of the room
Back steps are impossible in time
Move forward
Take the hand of desire
Dance across the floor
Then walk out of the door
With your foolish pride tucked away in your back pocket
With the book of rules you hold so dear
A night that can’t end too soon
Staring at the moon
Wanting to bend what you made
The tears cascade
Push them aside
With your foolish pride tucked away in your back pocket
With the book of rules you hold so dear
September expires all hope with that beautiful smile
That used to look you in the eye
Now it stares in the other direction
Now it dances across the floor
And walks away
Leaving you to die alone
With your foolish pride tucked away in your back pocket
With the book of rules you hold so dear

What I Can’t Keep

Thinking too much
Delving too deep
Wanting to touch
Needing to sleep

Tonight the cactus is my dearest friend
Not much good for giving advice
But good for easing the turmoil inside
Put the needle in the groove and let it jam
In my heart the story will end
A sordid story of men and mice
Everything to lose and nothing to hide
Nothing to gain by you knowing who I am

Drinking too much
Diving too deep
So out of touch
Don’t say a peep

Tomorrow my head is sure to pound
Sometimes that’s the price to be paid
For yesterday’s long-buried memories
The ones that are destined to bury you alive
Don’t say a word or try to make a sound
Even the fearless sometimes feel afraid
Confronting what the conscience sees
Knowing it can’t attain what the heart strives

Weeping too much
Sinking too deep
Wanting to touch
What I can’t keep

Copyright © 2016 Mr. Flying Pig

Where They Truly Belong

Off in the distance, the memories sail by
On the wind from an intoxicating serum
Unbeknownst to their destiny or where they truly belong
Riding high in the sky
Sweet embers of the past
Sour questions of why

Into the future, a safe harbor of hope
In the bay for expiring dreamscapes
Keeping the innermost secrets where they truly belong
Buried deep underground
Waiting to be exposed
Hoping to not be found

Is there really a question of right or wrong
When the minstrel of the heart sings its song
Keeping its secrets where they truly belong?

Now in this moment, a connection of souls
From what was lost in blind innocence
Insurmountable passions kept where they truly belong
In a world of their own
Hidden from hence forth
Never shall they be known

Archived in regret, right where they truly belong

Copyright © 2016 Mr. Flying Pig

The Darkness

You are the darkness
Where my mind goes
Though I want to stay
In the light
Thoughts drawn out clearly
To what should be
Forever a forgotten time
There is no escape
Try as I might

You are the temptation
Where my blood flows
My heart goes astray
Secrets hide
Translucent emotions
Felt but not seen
Wanting what once was ours
Buried forever
Concealed inside

She is the foundation
A fragile rose
Forever I will stay
And be true
But into the darkness
My thoughts will flow
To a world out of reach
Living my life
Dreaming of you

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig