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Too Stupid

What are you thinking?
Don’t tell me what you’re thinking
Why should I care?
I’m too stupid to not care
Don’t think of it as a blank stare
I’m just not blinking
Because the nothing left inside
Is all I have to share

The past comes back to haunt
All alone
Memories tease and taunt
Needing to look so strong
All alone
Afraid of getting it wrong

I don’t want to be alone

What was I dreaming?
I want to stop the dreaming
Don’t think I don’t care
I’m too stupid not to care
Don’t want to be misunderstood
There can be no meaning
Because with everything to lose
There’s nothing left to share

Buned to ash and dust
All alone
Doing what I must
Not wanting them to stare
All alone
Wondering why I still care

I don’t want to die alone

Copyright © 2016 Mr. Flying Pig


Memories Live and Die

Stories of a forgotten time
Can you read my mind?
Can you hear my thoughts?
Keeping memories in and out of line
Interpretation to which you’re blind
I speak for myself
You know not how I feel
Caring not if I laugh or I cry
Or knowing the reasons for my sighs

Visions from a distant past
Will they be forgotten?
Will they be forever?
Some memories were meant to last
Others should be forgotten outcasts
Cherish the moment
You never can return
Memories will both live and die
Inside foundations of what draws nigh