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Slippery Slope

It’s a slippery slope to when you let your thoughts voice unbridled
There may be no turning back
No more given slack
For your many imperfections
On the attack
Invites an attack
There may well be no place left to retreat or to run and hide

You will never say you’re sorry

Did you want to open the can that’s so long been under pressure?
Is there ever really a good time
Admitting to a crime?
Staring back at your reflection
Repressing signs
Seen through the times
Questioning if there still remains an ability to endure

I will never say I’m sorry

You knew they could never love you but you knew they’d always try
Even though you said the same
Through with playing the game
Falling back to introspection
No one holds blame
With emotions lamed
The only hope is to still feel at least a little dignified

We’ll forever say we’re sorry

Copyright © 2017 Mr. Flying Pig


Too Many

Nowhere to go
Knowing where I don’t want to go
A night alone
Thoughts persisting to earlier get pushed away
A stupid argument
Another stupid argument
Too many stupid arguments

Sitting alone
Not wanting to be alone
Nowhere to go
I’ll find a place after the coffee house closes
Tired of arguing
So damn tired of arguing
Too many stupid arguments

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig