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Slippery Slope

It’s a slippery slope to when you let your thoughts voice unbridled
There may be no turning back
No more given slack
For your many imperfections
On the attack
Invites an attack
There may well be no place left to retreat or to run and hide

You will never say you’re sorry

Did you want to open the can that’s so long been under pressure?
Is there ever really a good time
Admitting to a crime?
Staring back at your reflection
Repressing signs
Seen through the times
Questioning if there still remains an ability to endure

I will never say I’m sorry

You knew they could never love you but you knew they’d always try
Even though you said the same
Through with playing the game
Falling back to introspection
No one holds blame
With emotions lamed
The only hope is to still feel at least a little dignified

We’ll forever say we’re sorry

Copyright © 2017 Mr. Flying Pig


A Better Place

A field of grass, grown so tall, one can barely see above
Textures of brown and green gently swaying in the afternoon breeze
As far as the eye can focus, a vast sea opening unto the horizon
Drifting aimlessly in the ebb and flow of another summer
Cutting through, a pale gray line with a faded yellow center stripe
Directing the infrequent traffic either this way or that
Posts driven into the ground so long ago, most no longer remain vertical
Rusty barbed wire stretching from one to the next for mile after mile
A delapitated barn in the distance left for nature’s reclamation
No longer the fuctional centerpiece in this landscape from the past
Now only a temporary reminder of a time soon to be forgotten
Discarded into this wasteland of the heartland of distant memory
Where a few will profit but so many more will resign to remorse
Knowing they could do nothing to stop the great machine of progress
That promised to make this a better world for each of us, one and all

This Will Not Stand

For what purpose to what God that you believe in is this Holy war you wage?
Though I try not to see through blinded sight you fill my eyes with rage
The God that I know does not condone these acts that take your center stage
And He will not forgive this act that took these lives before their age

To the fallen, may we never forget how you were so wrongly taken
Though the days to pass will surly leave our hearts battered and shaken
And though I did not know even one of you
I feel as if I’ve lost a sister or brother
And pray to God that peace shall reign before there is another

In this great land
This will not stand
May God be our guide
And help us keep our stride
As we walk through the fire
May he take us higher
And show us the way
To have peace in the world one day

As the settling smoke stains our tears we can grasp no sense or real reason
As you hide like a coward in the devil’s shadow waiting for hell’s season
But this land you waged war on shall bring the day your evil reign will cease on
A new dawn will rise and spread a glorious light of unity, love and peace on

To the fallen, may we never forget how you were so brutally taken
A new time beside a blue-sky dawn and dreams long since forsaken
And though I did not know even one of you
I feel as if I’ve lost a sister or a brother
And pray to God that peace shall reign before there is another


Written following the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, U.S. Pentagon, United Airlines flight 175, American Airlines flight 11, and United Airlines flight 93, September 11. 2001

Copyright © 2014 Mr. Flying Pig

It Used To Be a Chair

In the corner
A pile of splintered wood
It used to be a chair
Just moments ago
A simple chair
But a good chair
Now a pile of splintered wood

It didn’t deserve this fate
It never saw it coming
My foot making the first break
My hands grabbing it
Picking it up
Slamming it to the ground
Again and again
Then my foot again
Relentlessly snapping its remaining pieces
Until nothing was left
Except a pile of splintered wood

I destroyed it
The way you destroyed my heart
But unlike the chair
My heart can be repaired
Because my heart is not made of wood

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig


Wanting more
Not wanting to lose what you have
Wanting more
Little whore

I hope it hurts like hell
To lose the best you’ll ever have
Do you even know how to feel love?
Such a sad, sad story you’ll tell

But what was the real deal?
Was I not a good enough fuck?
You thought you would try your luck
And now you lost what was real

Wanted more
Didn’t think you’d lose what you had
Wanted more
Little whore


Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig

Belated Betrayal

You were going to fuck me over any way
So why should I be concerned that I struck first?
That wasn’t my intent at all
Though you probably thought it at the time
I didn’t even know what was going on
Between you and him
I wouldn’t figure that out until much later
When I realized what a fool I had been
Love struck and blind
Thinking I hurt you so badly

I knew what I needed to do was break away
I could tell there was something that wasn’t right
Couldn’t look you in the eye
Feeling like I was committing a crime
Your recovery so completely anon
Should have been a sign
Just a short time after in an incubator
Opened the blinds to the naivety
The dream to find
What was forever lost sadly

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig