Old Mother Farket

I might as well make my first post here the first poem I ever recall writing.

I wrote this in 1971, when I was 9 years old, as a fourth grade school assignment. I thought it was great back then, but the teacher only gave me a “C” because I couldn’t tell her where I learned the word “strife”, so she was convinced somebody helped me write it. Decades later, when i was in my thirties. My wife and I were watching my favorite childhood movie, Walt Disney’s Jungle Book, with our kids and I almost keeled over when Baloo the bear sang the song “Bear Necessities” and got to the line “Forget about your troubles and your strife”. I wish I new where that teacher lived now.

Consequently, I didn’t try writing poetry again until I was in my twenties.

Old Mother Farket

Old Mother Farket
Went to the Market
To get some butter and bread
But when she got there
Her wallet was bare
So she went home and ate nothing instead

She went to the bank
To take out a loan
But after she got it
She got mugged going home

In two months the bank called
And said she must pay
Or in jail she’d be put
She said “can you make it today?”

The police came to her house
And threw her in jail
The old woman knew now
Her plan would not fail

She lived in her jail cell
For the rest of her life
With food, heat and clothing
Without any strife

Copyright © 2014 Mr. Flying Pig

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