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My other WordPress blog

There hasn’t been a lot going on here because this blog is more of my general writing place (mainly poetry, but occasionally some other stuff). I also have vinyl record music blog, “The Vinyl Jungle”, that has been capturing most of my writing time. I have been posting to it nearly every day for a little over a year now and only occasionally here. If you’re a music lover, I hope you’ll give my other WordPress blog a visit. Feel free to drop in a comment while you’re there to let me know what you think or suggest an album.


My new Blog.

Being as the inspiration for poetry and writing can be sporadic for me, I decided to start a second blog that I hope to contribute to more consistently. It is founded on both my love of music and my love of vinyl records. I will always own a turntable, and I will always prefer the sound of records played on a turntable over the sound emanating from a CD or MP3. will guide you through a journey of musical discovery and appreciation as I listen to the records from my personal collection. Because I believe that like life, music is all about the journey, not the destination.

I hope you enjoy it.