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When You Still Cared

Deep in the chasms of my soul a memory burns as bright as a gaslight
A memory of what guides me through the still of the darkest night
Though you did me wrong
Wherever my heart may wander
I will think of what we once had and do what I know is right

In memory of what we once shared
Back when you still cared

You were beyond my expectations of what I deserved in my life
Then you cut out my heart with deception of a red-hot knife
Because you did me wrong
I know I need to do better
I will remember what we once had
It will forever guide my life

A memory of what we once shared
Back when you still cared


So Long Ago Cast

I can forgive
It makes me a better man
I can learn to love again
I swear that I can
I can learn to forget you
Or at least I think I can

The wound ran deep
And maybe it had to
To make me realize
I could live without you
If you knew the tears I cried
What would your heart do

It’s too late for that
I know you don’t regret
The blade that cut through me
I will never forget
A scar that I’ll bear forever
Vulnerability never again let

Look into the future
Never let in from the past
Emotions that pass too slowly
Never meant to last
A heart forever burdened
By a stone so long ago cast

Copyright © 2017 Mr. Flying Pig

Temporary Fantasy

Sometimes I can’t help but thinking of the past
I try not to but it rears its head, time and time again

It’s lovely
It’s ugly
I’m regretful
I’m thankful

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder why life flies by so fast
Drifting out of sight like puddles absorbing the rain

I hesitate
I accelerate
It’s memorable
But I’m forgetful.

Sometimes my heart drifts away to scenes not meant to last
Floating on decisions from which I can never refrain.

Temporary fantasy?
Maybe a reality
Singing an age old song
Hope I don’t get it wrong

Copyright © 2017 Mr. Flying Pig

Too Stupid

What are you thinking?
Don’t tell me what you’re thinking
Why should I care?
I’m too stupid to not care
Don’t think of it as a blank stare
I’m just not blinking
Because the nothing left inside
Is all I have to share

The past comes back to haunt
All alone
Memories tease and taunt
Needing to look so strong
All alone
Afraid of getting it wrong

I don’t want to be alone

What was I dreaming?
I want to stop the dreaming
Don’t think I don’t care
I’m too stupid not to care
Don’t want to be misunderstood
There can be no meaning
Because with everything to lose
There’s nothing left to share

Buned to ash and dust
All alone
Doing what I must
Not wanting them to stare
All alone
Wondering why I still care

I don’t want to die alone

Copyright © 2016 Mr. Flying Pig

Another Midnight

Another midnight passes into the hours of a soon forgotten day
Did I make an impression?
Was I a gateway toward a better place
Or just a slight intervention?

Another midnight now lost forever in the abyss of days long past
Was there any purpose
For the yesterday’s now faded to black
Where no light can ever be cast?

Another midnight letting memories slip through fractures in time
What was never meant to be
Thown away in an act of righteousnes
Only to commit the same crime

Too often our thoughts are a mystery shrouded in fantasy
Shadows hiding in the night
We’re left trying to decipher the symmetry
Between what’s wrong and right

Another midnight granting passage through what has past
Choosing what to remember
Left wondering about the here and now
And desires that weren’t meant to last

Too often we regret what we feel were our gravest mistakes
And stare off into the sun
Not knowing what would’ve or could’ve
Wishing for memorial retakes

Copyright © 2016 Mr. Flying Pig

I’m Sorry I Kissed You

I’m sorry that I kissed you
That night I closed my eyes to the world around me
The world that so often left me scared and confused
A world I wasn’t ready to abandon
Even if it meant the comfort of being with you
I’m sorry I kissed you
I’m sorry I let you have the slightest glimpse
A chance romance that was never meant to last
Where even regrets can shed no tears
Of the memories of being with you
I’m sorry that I kissed you

Copyright © 2016 Mr. Flying Pig

Silver Morning

I look at you in the morning and realize how fortunate I am
To have someone like you whom I could confide in all these years
Who can make me strong
Accept my weaknesses and quell my fears
Someone who has always been there for me
At the breaking dawn of each new day
Even when there’s been opportunity
And reason for you to walk away

I look at you in the morning as I lay quietly by your side
Knowing how good it feels to love someone
And feel that love in return
Thinking of how you’ve stayed by my side
Through every twist and turn
Admiring how you never wavered
From supporting my crazy dreams
Realizing that from the depths of my heart an eternal love light beams

I look at you in the morning thinking about all our yesterdays
Sometimes it seems too easy to take for granted
What’s with you all the time
But on this silver morning here with you
I feel nothing short of sublime
Twenty-five years since we said “I do,”
And I’d do It all again my love
I look forward to many more to share with you
With the grace from God above

Copyright © 2016 Mr. Flying Pig