Riding My Bike to Fight Kids’ Cancer

The dilemma…

With heat indexes hitting over 100 degrees this afternoon, it didn’t look like my ride for my Children’s Cancer Research Fund was going to happen after work today, 12 miles from making my goal of 300 miles.

The solution…

Rise and shine at 5 am, on the bike at 5:15. One hour, and 16 miles later, I have now surpassed my goal, with 304 miles ridden so far in June, and you my friends, have generously given $718 to help fight childhood cancer, surpassing my fundraising goal.

Thank you so much to all my friends and family who have donated. You are helping a great cause.

But I’m not done yet. I have one more day and one more ride to do tomorrow morning (before it gets too hot again). If I can get my donations to surpass $800 before the end of today, I will make tomorrow morning’s ride my longest of the event, pushing me past 325 miles.

If you haven’t sponsored my rides yet, please take a few minutes to help kids fight this terrible disease.



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