When You Still Cared

Deep in the chasms of my soul a memory burns as bright as a gaslight
A memory of what guides me through the still of the darkest night
Though you did me wrong
Wherever my heart may wander
I will think of what we once had and do what I know is right

In memory of what we once shared
Back when you still cared

You were beyond my expectations of what I deserved in my life
Then you cut out my heart with deception of a red-hot knife
Because you did me wrong
I know I need to do better
I will remember what we once had
It will forever guide my life

A memory of what we once shared
Back when you still cared


I have been writing…

I haven’t been posting here a lot, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing. Actually, I’ve been writing nearly every day; it has just been on my other blog.

I thought about a subject that I would want to write about and, well, it didn’t take any time at all to come up with one. I have a rather large vinyl album collection. You know, the way we used to listen to music before CDs and digital streaming. The music format that has made an unexpected but welcome comeback in recent years. On my other blog, The Vinyl Jungle, I listen to a record and write my thoughts about it. I try to avoid writing a review of the album (although elements of one sometimes sneak in there) but rather, focus on a memory the music sparks, some trivia about the band or the making of the album, or anything else that pops in my head that is relevant. Most of the time it is something from the golden age of vinyl; the ’60s, ’70s, and early ’80s. Every now and then though, I do sneak something new in there too, like recent releases by Arcade Fire, The National, Florence and the Machine, and Steven Wilson.

If you are a music lover, I hope you will check it out. Feel free to leave a comment suggesting an album you like, and think I should include.

I hope you stop by.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the web address to my other blog is https://thevinyljungle.com/