Demon Taunts

We all have demons that haunt us
An abuse
A mistake
A ripple effect
A risk you didn’t take
My demons are ones I can’t trust

Hiding in the darkest of shadows
In your eyes
Be unseen
A passive retreat
Hide what should not be seen
Love that still walks in the meadows

And then I questioned
The decision that I’d made
Though I knew the answer
Rode on the edge of a blade

The decision that I made
Rode on the edge of the blade

So I shrugged it off like it was a joke
And hid from it all behind blue smoke
And then I awoke
But It was too late
The loss was my fate
I let it slip away so easily
As if I meant nothing to me

We all have memories that taunt us
Cold chasm
In my heart
No looking back
Avoidance plays a part
For misguided precepts of trust


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