Temporary Fantasy

Sometimes I can’t help but thinking of the past
I try not to but it rears its head, time and time again

It’s lovely
It’s ugly
I’m regretful
I’m thankful

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder why life flies by so fast
Drifting out of sight like puddles absorbing the rain

I hesitate
I accelerate
It’s memorable
But I’m forgetful.

Sometimes my heart drifts away to scenes not meant to last
Floating on decisions from which I can never refrain.

Temporary fantasy?
Maybe a reality
Singing an age old song
Hope I don’t get it wrong

Copyright © 2017 Mr. Flying Pig


I thank thee

​I can’t say it’s been a perfect journey
Or that I’ve led the perfect life
But I can’t help but believe in perfect timing and divine intervention
Leading me to where I belong
With perfect family and perfect friends
And of course, the perfect wife
Making me forever gaze in wild wonder into the eyes of devotion
Helping me to sing my song
Knowing there’s a means to the ends

Thank you God for the life and opportunity you have bestowed me
I thank thee
I thank thee
I thank thee

Copyright © 2017 Mr. Flying Pig