What I Can’t Keep

Thinking too much
Delving too deep
Wanting to touch
Needing to sleep

Tonight the cactus is my dearest friend
Not much good for giving advice
But good for easing the turmoil inside
Put the needle in the groove and let it jam
In my heart the story will end
A sordid story of men and mice
Everything to lose and nothing to hide
Nothing to gain by you knowing who I am

Drinking too much
Diving too deep
So out of touch
Don’t say a peep

Tomorrow my head is sure to pound
Sometimes that’s the price to be paid
For yesterday’s long-buried memories
The ones that are destined to bury you alive
Don’t say a word or try to make a sound
Even the fearless sometimes feel afraid
Confronting what the conscience sees
Knowing it can’t attain what the heart strives

Weeping too much
Sinking too deep
Wanting to touch
What I can’t keep

Copyright © 2016 Mr. Flying Pig


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