From the River to the Sea

Sentiments bequeathed by emotion
An illusion of the heart
Unwanted distant devotion
Not knowing where to start
Fragrant and subtle as a sorcerer’s potion
Spinning and twisting reality apart

Let’s float down a river that has no name
Where laughter and teardrops bear no shame
Where lady luck learned to play her game
And the future is never the same

Encounters are subtle reminders
Dim reflections in the night
Driving with both eyes in blinders
Ignoring what’s in sight
Possess and retain is the rule of the finders
Others use morals to determine what’s right

Let’s set sail on the sea that has no name
Where conscience and conduct are the same
Where nobody has to take the blame
And the embers cannot become flame

Copyright © 2016 Mr. Flying Pig


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