Silver Morning

I look at you in the morning and realize how fortunate I am
To have someone like you whom I could confide in all these years
Who can make me strong
Accept my weaknesses and quell my fears
Someone who has always been there for me
At the breaking dawn of each new day
Even when there’s been opportunity
And reason for you to walk away

I look at you in the morning as I lay quietly by your side
Knowing how good it feels to love someone
And feel that love in return
Thinking of how you’ve stayed by my side
Through every twist and turn
Admiring how you never wavered
From supporting my crazy dreams
Realizing that from the depths of my heart an eternal love light beams

I look at you in the morning thinking about all our yesterdays
Sometimes it seems too easy to take for granted
What’s with you all the time
But on this silver morning here with you
I feel nothing short of sublime
Twenty-five years since we said “I do,”
And I’d do It all again my love
I look forward to many more to share with you
With the grace from God above

Copyright © 2016 Mr. Flying Pig

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