Where They Truly Belong

Off in the distance, the memories sail by
On the wind from an intoxicating serum
Unbeknownst to their destiny or where they truly belong
Riding high in the sky
Sweet embers of the past
Sour questions of why

Into the future, a safe harbor of hope
In the bay for expiring dreamscapes
Keeping the innermost secrets where they truly belong
Buried deep underground
Waiting to be exposed
Hoping to not be found

Is there really a question of right or wrong
When the minstrel of the heart sings its song
Keeping its secrets where they truly belong?

Now in this moment, a connection of souls
From what was lost in blind innocence
Insurmountable passions kept where they truly belong
In a world of their own
Hidden from hence forth
Never shall they be known

Archived in regret, right where they truly belong

Copyright © 2016 Mr. Flying Pig


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