A Certain Comfort

There’s a certain comfort that happens through the years
A certain comfort inside that chases away all the fears
It lifts the shadows that are so often cast
It keeps the good memories and puts the bad in the past
It brightens gray skies that can bring in the storms
On the coldest of days, from the inside it warms

There’s a certain comfort in holding your hand
And feeling your grasp in return
There’s a certain comfort going down this road with you
Knowing you’ll be there at every turn
A certain comfort that brings light to the darkness
Illuminating all so I can see
Making me know I should always strive harder
To be the best I can possibly be

There’s a certain comfort when I see you there
Knowing through good times and bad you’ll always care
A certain comfort that always lifts me above
The downtrodden times with the strength of your love
Forever in my heart, with everything I do
There’s a certain comfort I feel, just being with you


Copyright © 2016 Mr. Flying Pig

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