Epiphany Wrapped in Yellow (Part 4)

In the springtime before graduation, Paul was involved in a serious car accident near his house. It wasn’t his fault. The other car ran a red light and t-boned Paul’s car on the driver’s side, totaling both cars. Paul was hurt, but not as badly as you would have expected, seeing the condition of his car – only a concussion and some badly bruised ribs. Still, it did land him in the hospital for a few days. While he was there, the night nurse sparked up a conversation with Paul. She asked him why he was there. He told her about the accident and where it happened. “That’s right near where I live!” she blurted out. They discovered that they lived only a few blocks from each other. During one of their last conversations before he was discharged, they somehow got on the topics of parties and drinking and drugs. She asked him if he had ever done speed before. He admitted to her that he had and told her about the yellow jackets. Paul was a little surprised when she asked him how much he paid for them but when he told her what they cost him per pill, what she asked him next really surprised him. “Do you think you could get me some?”

“Ummm…Like, how many?”

“I don’t know…fifty or so.”

Paul told her he didn’t know, “but I can find out for you.” He checked out of the hospital with her phone number in his pocket. After he had her number, before checking out, Paul asked her if she might want to go out sometime. Even though she was a bit older than he was, he thought she was really cute and felt he needed to take a shot, since he had her number now. Maybe that was her plan all along. Although she was nice about it she quickly shot him down by telling him she had a fiancé. Paul was glad that she didn’t take offense at him asking. Actually, he thought she seemed to be kind of flattered by it.

Paul knew that it was cheaper to buy a bag of weed than to buy just a joint, so when he caught up with Valerie, he asked her if she would be able to get him fifty yellow jackets and if it would be any cheaper to buy that many.

“It would be half” Valerie told him and added “I can get you a hundred if you want.”

A little light went off in Paul’s head. He could sell the nurse fifty yellow jackets for the price he told her and keep the other half for himself. No more worrying about having the money to buy them; at least not for a while.

“Sure. Get me a hundred of them.”

Since he now had a good supply, Paul started taking the yellow jackets somewhat regularly. He really liked the boost they gave him, especially when he took two of them. The nurse was apparently just as pleased with them – a couple weeks later, she asked Paul if she could get fifty more. Valarie was able to hook him up with another hundred and told him she could probably get him that many every couple weeks if he needed her to. This all happened just before Paul’s dad took the temporary job assignment and his parents moved out of state, leaving Karen to watch over him. His parents bought him a replacement car so he could get around while they were away. It was a beater, but better than nothing. Nobody had a clue into what Paul was getting into. He even kept it hidden from his two best friends.

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig

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