Epiphany Wrapped in Yellow (Part 3)

By the time Paul and his two best friends were in high school, smoking weed had become a fairly regular activity for them and they would get high before doing almost anything. It seemed to make almost everything more enjoyable. Paul couldn’t help but notice that since he started partying, there were a lot more people he was hanging around with. There were a lot more people who liked him. Some even thought he was cool. They didn’t tease or pick on him any more than they jokingly did with any of the others in the group. Paul still had a problem doing any ribbing back at them. He didn’t want to risk accidentally making someone feel like he was made to feel back in elementary school – he didn’t want anyone to take it personally – but he could take it as long as everyone in the group was equally fair game. Then it was all in fun; not personal. He still never felt as comfortable opening up to this larger group as he did Tom and Bryan, but he still considered them his friends, as they considered Paul theirs. He finally felt like he had found a clique he fit in with.

During their early years in high school, Paul, Tom and Bryan experimented a bit with a few other drugs that some of their friends were also doing. They tried some hallucinogenics, mescaline mostly, which Paul really liked until he had a paranoid episode with it one time and decided he didn’t want to do it anymore. Paul tried Quaaludes one time but they just seemed to put him to sleep, which he couldn’t see the point of. Between hanging out and getting high with his friends after school, staying up late doing his homework in order to keep his grades all “A”s and “B”s and then getting up early for school, he had no problem falling asleep when he needed to. Quaaludes only made it harder to stay awake when he wanted to.  Sometimes, he thought he needed something to help him keep going.

One day at the beginning of his senior year in high school, some girls Paul and his two best friends had started hanging out with, introduced them to something they hadn’t tried before.

“They’re called yellow jackets” Valerie, one of the girls explained. “It’s a prescription med I can get. It’s a kind of speed.”

Although Paul had never heard of them at the time, Yellow jackets were a popular drug that was commonly abused in the 1970s; they contained a combination antidepressants and methamphetamine. In this combination, the antidepressants were supposed to enhance the effects of the methamphetamine.  Years later, they would be, along with many other drugs that contained methamphetamine, banned by the FDA, but back then, they were often prescribed by doctors and psychiatrists and quite often abused.

Paul wasn’t sure how his two friends felt about yellow jackets, but he personally, really liked them. They made him feel more focused and less easily distracted. They also seemed to give him the confidence to come out of the reserved shell he quite often kept himself in. As a bonus, he also got a slightly tingling feeling from them that he rather enjoyed. Along with smoking pot and drinking, yellow jackets soon became Paul’s favorite drug of choice. Unfortunately, he couldn’t afford to get them as often as he would have liked since he only had a part-time job that was just barely covering the cost of his other two favorites.

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig

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