Sometimes I

Sometimes I feel guilty
                            When I want to be alone
Sometimes I feel lonely
                            When standing in a crowd
Sometimes I feel crowded in
                            When left all by myself
Sometimes I feel selfish
                            For not wanting to give
Sometimes I don’t give a shit
                            How I’ll be received
Sometimes I want a reception
                            Not caring where it leads
Sometimes I follow the leader
                            Not knowing where they’ll go
Sometimes I go it alone
                            When I need a helping hand
Sometimes I hand it down
                            In order to pick myself up
Sometimes I pick up the pieces
                            After being let down
Sometimes I spiral downward
                            In order for my spirits to rise
Sometimes I raise the bar
                            For limits to be realized
Sometimes I need a reality check
                            To put my feet on the ground
Sometimes I need grounded faith
                            In order to be wise
Sometimes I need wisdom
                            To swallow down my pride
Sometimes I feel proud
                            Even when I finish dead last
Sometimes I leave a lasting impression
                            Though I’m trying to be slight
Sometimes I slightly envision
                            What can’t be fully grasped
Sometimes I grasp for straws
                            When I should use reason
Sometimes I am unreasonable
                            When I won’t admit I’m wrong
Sometimes I wrongfully judge
                            When I share equal guilt
Sometimes I feel guilty
                            When I want to be alone


Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig


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