Without a Trace

Something inside
Needing to be said
Finding silence
Lost in endless words
Now is not the time or place
Suddenly the moment’s gone
Without a trace

Indelible marks
Staining the future
Turning around
A glimpse of the past
Staring at a familiar face
In an instant she is gone
Without a trace

I’d like to stay but I need to run
Take a slingshot ride around the sun
Into deep space
Going to leave this place
Abandoning the cruelty of the human race

Fall off
Move on
Abandon the path through time I’ve been travelling on
Some might notice
But none will care
If suddenly I just wasn’t there

Hidden shadows
Lurking in the halls
Leave the light on
Pushing them away
Emptiness keeping its pace
Until all feeling is gone
Without a trace

Fading away
Jaded by what’s been
No one will know
You were ever here
Without any empty space
Why should they notice you gone?
Without a trace

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig

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