Cause and Affect

Recycled daydreams swirling in a abyss of adaptation
An effervescent smokescreen to a world of your own creation
At the center of it all
An actor taking his final curtain call
Just because you once did
Doesn’t mean you still can
Make sure you’re not setting yourself up for a fall
By trying to make a stand

It could be a moment to be captured
It could be a moment forever wrecked
It all comes down to the here and now
When it all becomes cause and effect

Empty promises fill the soul with needless indignation
Stripping away a plasticized shell in a breath of proclamation
Inside clouds of molten ice
Shrouded mountains of needless sacrifice
Remembrance is all that remains
When your body turns to dust
Decisions are sometimes a roll of the dice
Hidden away in blinded trust

It becomes so hard to remember
It becomes even harder to forget
It all goes back to the moment
When it all came down to cause and effect

Copyright © 2015 Mr. Flying Pig


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