Don’t Go There

Looking in the dark for a rose in the heather
Waiting in the wings for a change in the weather
Don’t go there
Dodging bullets blazing over your head
Wrestle down the demons hiding under your bed
Don’t go there
It can’t be over a moment too soon
There never was any breathing room
Don’t go there

It always leads to nowhere
Don’t go there
They’ll all just stop and stare
Don’t go there
Life just isn’t fair
Don’t go there
Why should anyone care?
Don’t go there

Trying to read the sign at the end of the road
Watching the foundation waste away and corrode
Don’t go there
Rowing for the shore on the bank of the river
Waiting for a package the postman won’t deliver
Don’t go there
Emptiness fills a bottomless glass
Needs unfulfilled now left to pass
Don’t go there

It might just be a nightmare
Don’t go there
A caustic love affair
Don’t go there
Never allowed to share
Don’t go there
Safe in your electric chair
Don’t go there

Copyright © 2014 Mr. Flying Pig


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