Complicated Smile

There are exceptions to every rule in the book
Nothing is ever carved in stone
Even when you’re with the one you love
Sometimes you can still feel all alone
That’s normal, or so they say
But it doesn’t feel normal today
It will pass in time, just give it a while
Keep it hidden behind the complicated smile

Under lock and key in a tarnished silver box
Like a memento to help you recall
Where you’ve been, what you’ve done, who you are
It doesn’t make a difference at all
Secrets not shared, hidden from sight
Like a shadow hiding in the night
Moving down the road, mile after mile
Seeking refuge behind the complicated smile

If you can’t find a way to laugh after the storm
At least try to give a forced grin
Insanity is the way of the world
They play their games and they play to win
Be patient, don’t lose your stride
You have everything to hide
From an audience you keep beguiled
Don’t let them see through the complicated smile

Copyright © 2014 Mr. Flying Pig


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