Nothing New

You take it or you leave it
But you never will believe it
Until you’re caught with your back
Against the wall
Always pick and choose the best
Never put it to the test
Except when you know you’re going
To take the fall

Walking on a cracked eggshell
Telling them all to go to hell
Because your dreams didn’t work out
As you had planned
Swimming in a cesspool of hope
Never throw a drowning man a rope
Toss it on the fire and make sure
The flames are fanned

It’s never too late to change
The rules of the game
But it’s too late for you
To figure out what to do
It’s nothing new

Instigate the time and place
Serving to quarantine your space
In the halls of the cardboard castle
You call a home
Hoarding all that you won’t give
Keeping it all is no way to live
And in the end it’s always you
Who’s all alone

We’ll always be living in
A world of kings and fools
The one you think is you
May not be what others hold true
It’s nothing new

Copyright © 2014 Mr. Flying Pig

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