Sociopaths In Charge

They’ll take all you have if you let them
Giving Handouts keeps them in control
Unleashing a plan
Doing all that they can
Don’t listen to what you’ve been told
You’ll be a slave inside a glass prison
Bought and sold

It’s the perfect crime
Keeping us all in line
Pull the wool over our eyes
You need to see the signs
Read between their lies
Before they silence all your cries

Learn to question why
They need to climb so high
Controlling us from inside
If you swallow their pill
You most surely will
Starve while they all get their fill

I’m not crying for revolution
I’m just saying you must stand your ground
The sociopaths
Have created dark paths
Fueling society’s demise
Leading us all to the slaughter like sheep
Break the ties

Copyright © 2014 Mr. Flying Pig

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