I’m a wanderer stopped dead in my tracks
Trapped in a permanence that I know won’t last
Seeing a vision of what may or may never be
I open the door to somebody else’s fantasy
And stare out the window at someone else’s dream

Travelling a road that transcends all time
Part of a plan that is not mine
Forever searching for the missing line
Or a guiding hand to show me a sign

From moments before all that’s begun
To a future that ends after all that will come
I know not now if there will be heartache or glory
Living the vicissitudes of my untold story
Filling in the blanks to what I have yet to learn

Part of a plan that transcends all time
Travelling a road that is not mine
Searching for purpose or reason or rhyme
Seeking the answers from the one sublime

Copyright © 2014 Mr. Flying Pig

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