I want to write something silly
Something that takes me away
Not writing about trouble and worries
That we all face almost every day
But where to start?
I need a plan
To help me send my mind astray
Maybe a sip of bourbon now
Will loosen me up
Start my thoughts and ideas to churn
That smoky sweet flavor
My taste buds savor
Oak and vanilla hints
With just the right amount of burn
Oh what a nice indulgence
Maybe I’ll take one more turn
That’s good
Think I’m feeling a little looser now
Now where do I want my thoughts to slip?
Still nothing coming to mind
Perhaps I need just one more sip
Or maybe two will speed things up
To help a silly idea finally get a grip
I’m on a roll now
No wait, maybe not
That last idea really stunk
One last pull shuld do the trick
To help me gett out of this funk
Lets just sit a whil and let thinks set in
Oh no, I fear I mayght have gone to far
Cant write wht I thnk i thought I thunk
Tthis isn’t good atall
Im having g a hard tim hittting thr rigt keys
oh gret, i thnk im Drunnk


Copyright © 2014 Mr. Flying Pig


One thought on “Silly”

  1. Author’s note: No alcohol was harmed in the creation of this poem – I was completely sober. Although it is true, I do like to sip on a good bourbon from time to time. I was trying to do something reminiscent of Shel Silverstein.


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