Business as Usual

Business as usual
Living without a heart
Take what you want
Then tear the rest apart

They scrape the shit off your shoes
And still you spit in their faces
Stripping the gears of progress
Gloating in the means of excess
Forcing the world to digress
While you digest
The leftover traces

Business as usual
Thinking without a mind
Believe what you want
Then leave it all behind

Destroying what should be repaired
Grinding our dreams into dust
Convincing the drones of their needs
Boiling in the soup of your greed
Hoarding your own dirty deeds
To better feed
Your material lust

Business as usual
Seeing without vision
Paving the road with
Dystopian derision

They’ll follow your falsified truths
Until you take it all away
Tearing the rug out from under
Darkness rides in on the thunder
Creating the greatest blunder
A world sundered
No tomorrow today


Copyright © 2014 Mr. Flying Pig

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