The Mystery of Destiny

What is this thing called destiny?
Does it exist for you and me?
Is it all just random chance?
Or perhaps pure happenstance?
The bordering fringe of what we call reality?

There is a reason
For what was
What is
And what will be
… … …
What may be
But is it for us to see?

If you knew you were going to live
For another hundred years
Or that you were going to die tomorrow
Would it make difference
With how you live your life?
It shouldn’t

Stand for something
Make a difference
Don’t wait for it to happen
Follow your dreams and subdue your fears
Don’t refrain
The only bad decision is the one you choose not to make
This is real
Striving for perfection may be your biggest mistake
Don’t wait
Until it’s too late

There is a reason for what will be
A purpose, a plan, a perfect symmetry
We will understand the lessons
When we discover the questions
And realize it will always be a mystery

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