What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up?

I work in the world of IT (or information technology for anyone acronymically challenged). As a kid, I always hated being asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I always felt like answering back “how the hell should I know, I just want to play with my Hot Wheels right now.” Still, I would dig into the dark recesses of my brain and pull out some type of career alternative. Usually, it was something along the lines of a scientist or inventor. I even blurted out that I wanted to be an astronaut one time, but that was just because I had gotten a GI Joe doll with the Mercury space capsule that year for Christmas, which I thought was the coolest. That career option was quickly forgotten however, dying with the broken debris of the space capsule as it crash landed after my friends and I decided to launch it off the front porch. I can honestly say that I never dreamed of working on computers and networks when I was little.

As I entered adolescence and high school, and realized that there was literally an unlimited number of career paths to choose from, when asked which path I was thinking about taking, the answer that first popped in my head was something along the lines of “how the hell should I know? I just want to hang out with my friends right now.” But again, I would blurt out some reasonable sounding occupation that left the questioner satisfied and allowed me to run off and hang out with my friends. Eventually, I settled on telling those who queried that I wanted to be an auto mechanic. This seemed a reasonable choice to me, since I was already taking auto shop in high school. Never mind that I really didn’t want to be an auto mechanic for the rest of my life. It at least curbed any further questioning. “So, I’m gonna go hang out with my friends now, okay?”

I really didn’t stop to seriously consider what I might want to do for a living until I walked across the stage wearing a cap and gown, and received my high school diploma. At that moment, I realized that the real world awaited me; and I had no idea what it held in store, or what the hell I wanted to do there. So, I did what any reasonable, totally lost, recent high school graduate would do. I spent the summer hanging out with my friends…and then I joined the Army.

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