First Skydive

The door is opened as a rush of cool air bursts into the small plane. You swing your feet around, placing them on the tiny platform that sits just outside the door. You’re in position now, ten thousand feet above the ground that you will soon be plummeting towards. You hear the countdown: Three – anticipation, fear, two – excitement and more fear, one – just fear. Can you really do this? GO! There is no time to think. Just do it! You roll forward and gently push off of the platform, You are now plunging towards the earth at 125 miles per hour. The fear is gone as a rush of adrenalin takes over. Exhilaration is all you feel. The air rushes past your ears so loudly that you can’t even hear yourself screaming.


Soon you are in position, back arched as you pull the rip cord that deploys the parachute. You feel a strong tug as the chute grabs the air and slows you to a much safer descent. You take the controls in your hands, first turning left, then right. Soaring faster, then slowing down. This must be what a hawk feels when it so gracefully and effortlessly floats and dives in the air. A combination of serenity and excitement takes over. Sooner than you’d like, your feet are again touching the grassy field where you were standing only moments earlier. You are safe again. It’s over.

It was awesome.

Copyright © 2014 Mr. Flying Pig

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