Praise for the Ketchup Bottle

Sometimes it’s the simplest things in life that are deserving of the most praise. Take, for example, ketchup bottles.

Like a lot of people I know, I love a good burger every now and then. Oh, and don’t forget to give me some fries with that burger, thank you very much. Now, there are few who will deny that French fries and ketchup go together like…well, like ketchup and fries. They were made for each other. Ditto that for ketchup and mustard on the burger. It just doesn’t seem proper to not grace the presence of a hot, just off the grill burger with a compliment of the yellow and red stuff. Other condiments and toppings are optional, but ketchup and mustard are both mandatory requirements on my burgers.

This brings me back to the topic of the ketchup bottle. Not too long ago, my family was sitting down to enjoy a simple meal of burgers and fries. As the ketchup bottle made its way around to me, I couldn’t help but notice that it was nearly empty; but it still had enough left to suit my purpose. Without giving it a thought, I squeezed out what little bit there was left in the bottle. Onward to the mustard – the perfect burger awaits me! As I picked up the mustard bottle, I found that, to my dismay, it was also very light, indicating near emptiness. As I was hitting the bottom of the inverted bottle in an effort to move the little bit of mustard inside from one end to the other, I found myself really appreciating the design of the ketchup bottle I had just used. You see, the ketchup bottle was made upside down, with the lid on the bottom and the bottom on top. What a great idea!

I always thought those ketchup bottles looked kind of goofy sitting there on the grocery store shelf – flipped over with their caps underneath and their labels pointed towards the wrong end. And I still do. I also think whoever designed those goofy looking bottles is a sheer genius. I wonder if they look anything like Einstein; I think he looked kind of goofy too. That would be fitting. This person didn’t care about his invention looking goofy. It wouldn’t surprise me if he took a lot of ribbing from his coworkers about the goofy upside down ketchup bottle he thought of. But someone else, higher up at the company, must have also seen it as the true work of genius that it was, and started making the bottles that way. A true visionary. I sure hope the person who came up with the idea to make the bottles this way got a big bonus or raise that year; or maybe a promotion. I think the company should make them a VP. Senior Vice President in charge of product design and nonconformity – and goofy looking bottles.

Copyright © 2014 Mr. Flying Pig

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