Primrose and Periwinkle

Damn this decision
Forbidding primrose and periwinkle
A dark alley of forgotten access
Leads to an open trespass
Out of the light
And into the dark
Leaving behind the primrose and periwinkle
To wither and die in the night

Damn the impatience
Destroying primrose and periwinkle
Yearning the bittersweet memory
Of what will never be
Out of the past
The decades bring home
A fleeting glimpse of primrose and periwinkle
Hidden now in shadows cast

Damn this sacrifice
Toasting primrose and periwinkle
The surrender of a forgotten soul
Laying bare the tale untold
Out of the rain
And into the fire
Leaving behind the primrose and periwinkle
To shrivel and burn in the flame

Damn the young recluse
Evading primrose and periwinkle
With security of emotions numbed
Later only to succumb
Straight from the heart
And into the cold
Burying deep the primrose and periwinkle
Beneath the remains of a new start

Damn this destiny
Condemning primrose and periwinkle
The ebb and flow of frothing sea foam
Erodes to sand a solid stone
Out of existence
To time forgotten
Picking up pieces of primrose and periwinkle
To drift in the tides of love’s penance

Copyright © 2014 Mr. Flying Pig


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